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Summer job in a Surfers hostel

15 November 2020Surfing in Chile

There are new vacancies to be filled, e.g. in a surfers hostel on the Pacific beach, in Pucón in a...

Volunteer work with kids

06 November 2020Volunteering in Chile

Participate as a volunteer in the most beautiful national parks in Chile! Here you can help,...

Work in different hostels and travel through Chile

18 October 2020Hostel in Chile


Would you like to see as much as possible of Chile and at the same time have a...

Internship in renowned companies

04 October 2020Internship in Santiago de Chile

We offer exciting internships in Santiago, for example in consulting or accounting at big...

Internship in a media company

27 September 2020Internship in a media company

Are you interested in news and radio? Then take your chance and do an internship at news company...

ChileVentura - Learning, Working and Traveling in Chile

Experience the essence of Chile!   We take care of an individual placement for your stay abroad, consisting of internships, volunteer work, work & travel, Spanish courses and much more.

Internships in Chile
Complete your internship in Chile and earn valuable work experience abroad - in almost all business areas!
Volunteering in Chile
Volunteer work
Bring your social commitment into selected projects and experience the culture of Chile first hand!
Work & Travel in Chile
Work & Travel
Jobs in Chile with lots of fun and action - free accommodation and meals included!

Spanish courses in Chile
Spanish course
Learn Spanish in the best language schools in Chile - at original prices without any extra costs for you!
Accommodation in Chile
We will find suitable accommodation for you - according to your exact requirements!
Pictures and videos about Chile
Fascinating pictures, videos, travel tips, maps and much more info about Chile!

Traveling in Chile and South America
Find cheap flights, accommodation and read our travel tips.

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¡Bienvenido a ChileVentura!

Chile - or in the language of the Aymara Indians, "where the world comes to an end" - combines more climate zones and scenic contrasts than any other country in the world. Volcanoes and rainforests, steppes and deserts, eternal ice and hot springs, pristine beaches and snow-capped mountains all compete with each other. The cultural diversity is also unique. The modern metropolis of Santiago de Chile and chic beach resorts such as Viña del Mar are in contrast with remote valleys and villages in the interior. Chile will surprise and fascinate you!

Do you want to experience this wonderful country and its people first hand? In conjunction with an internship, a summer job or volunteer work? Or would you like to learn Spanish first and are looking for accommodation? Then you have found exactly the right place - with us, ChileVentura,

The expert for the arrangement of individual stays abroad in Chile!