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Our affiliate program for all companies

Our affiliate program Companies is ideal for all companies, organizations, public agencies or project operators that have to fill vacancies in Chile (jobs, internships, summer jobs, holiday work, volunteer work). We will organize the addressing of your target group to find potential employees.

Our services for you - your benefits:

  • Customized approach of your target group
  • Preparation and placement of your job offer on our website
  • Placement of dedicated and highly skilled professionals, graduates, trainees or holiday workers
  • Combination of skills and career aspirations of candidates with the specific needs of your business
  • Placement of your company logo on our website (if you wish)
  • Marketing and promotional activities for your offer as part of our corporate activities (e.g. at career fairs or recruiting days)
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FAQ about our affiliate program Companies

Are there any costs for participation in the affiliate programm Companies?
Participation is absolutely free. Also, we do not collect any commissions on successful placements or filling a vacancy.

Who can participate in the affiliate program Companies?
Principally any company, any organization, public organization or any project provider can take part.

How can I participate?
If you wish to participate in our affiliate program, please let us know by email, phone or through our contact form. We will contact you immediately to discuss any further details together.

How is the information and data about my company´s job offers processed on the website of ChileVentura?
You provide us with the information and data of your company´s job offers in digital form. In addition, you may provide us with a few images. Good pictures are often influential in the selection of a job offer. We will publish all information about your offers through our content management system on our website. Should there be any changes to the information and data provided to us (e.g. the job offer does not exist any more), please contact us immediately.

In what language does the communication take place?
Since our employees at ChileVentura speak 3 languages, communication can take place in English, German or Spanish. As you wish!

Anything else I should consider?
No! There is nothing else to consider. For further questions just contact us.

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