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Our affiliate program for Representatives

In this affiliate program you have the unique opportunity to earn some extra money. It is a completely fair and very lucrative program.

Are you convinced of our ideas, do you want to participate actively or have you even been to South America? Then just represent our company at your university, college or educational institution and participate in our affiliate program for representatives.

If you have your own website you can present our offers on it, after consultation and written approval from ChileVentura.

  • 70 USD or 50 Euro - if the client books a program worth over 700 USD or 500 Euro.
  • 10% commission on the program fees, if the client books a program with a value of less than 700 USD or 500 Euro.
  • 7% commission on the price of the course, if the client books a language course.
  • 4% commission on the price of a travel tour.
  • 150 USD or 100 Euro Bonus - if you refer 5 customers in the same month successfully. 300 USD or 200 Euro bonus for 10 customers in the same month, etc.

Let´s go. Tell a friend and earn money.

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FAQ about our affiliate program Representatives

Who can participate in the affiliate program?
In principle, any individual can participate. If you have your own business, you can also represent us if your concept fits ours.

How can I participate?
If you want to participate in our affiliate program, please let us know by email, phone or through our contact form. For this program you will need to register before one of the clients makes a reservation.

What is the difference between a program and language course?
A program consists of an internship, work and travel stay, volunteer activity or accommodation. Language courses are all Spanish courses or course packages (including accommodation and / or other activities).

When will I receive my money?
Once the person you recommended has completed a booking with us, completed his course or program successfully and paid in full, we will transfer the money to your bank account.

What if my bank account is outside of Germany?
If you have a bank account outside of Germany, you can of course still participate in our affiliate program. However, we need to subtract the corresponding bank fees charged by your bank or our bank for an international transfer of money.

What happens in case of misuse of our affiliate program?
Fairness is at the top of our company's philosophy and our programs are based on this. In cases of suspected abuse of our affiliate program, we reserve the right to refuse the release of the money or the commission.

Anything else I should consider?
No! There is nothing else to consider. For further questions just contact us.

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