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FAQ | Spanish course

Is there a deadline? When should I apply?
Generally, there are no deadlines. However, a handling time of at least 2 weeks is recommended.

When do the courses start?
For most of our schools new classes start every week. For private lessons you can choose the start date individually.

Is there a particular course duration?
No. You can choose the duration of your course individually. It does not matter whether it is a group or private lesson.

Where will I stay during the language course?
Whether host family, shared flat, hostel, hotel, apartment or holiday house, we can find accommodation that suits your needs regarding roommates, location, equipment etc. Our accommodations are all selected carefully, so that you will feel satisfied during your time in Chile.

What does the registration cost?
Registration is free of charge. You will pay the original price of the respective language school and no more! That means you face no additional cost and benefit from our experience with the best language schools in Chile.

Why do I NOT have to pay any extra fees for the arrangement of a language course?
Because of our longstanding collaboration with the schools in Chile, we can offer you the same prices as if you booked the course yourself at the language school. So you have no financial disadvantages and at the same time can take advantage of our service and our experience in selecting appropriate language schools.


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