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FAQ | Volunteer work

In what areas is volunteering possible?
You can decide yourself, where you want to help. Most projects are in the areas of social services, environment and nature, infrastructure in rural areas as well as medicine and education. Many projects support poor people, street children or the indigenous population in order to offer them new perspectives for their future.

What are the working hours?
Working hours are generally 6 to 8 hours from Monday to Friday. In some projects, however, flexibility is necessary. So it may be that you have to work weekends and have a day off during the week.

Do I get a salary?
You usually get no money for participation in voluntary projects. Mostly you have to pay for the accommodation as well, as the organizations are happy for every donation and every helper but financially they are not equipped excessively. We are happy to assist you in finding affordable accommodation.
The low cost of living in Chile compensates for the unpaid wages. Moreover, the experiences and impressions that you will gain in a volunteer project, you cannot buy with any money and are far more valuable than any salary.

Is there a minimum duration or a mandatory date?
You can determine the duration and the time of your stay abroad yourself. Due to the familiarization and acclimatization period, it is usually wise to have a minimum duration of 2 months.

What language skills do I need?
Since in volunteer projects you are usually in much contact with people, it is important to have good knowledge of Spanish. You should be able to understand the people and talk to them.
You speak no Spanish or very little? No problem. In our chosen Spanish schools you will gain the required Spanish knowledge within a few weeks before starting your volunteer work.

Where will I stay during my volunteer work?
Whether host family, shared flat, hostel, hotel or apartment, we arrange accommodation according to your wishes. All our accommodations are selected carefully. We are happy to assist you in finding the best accommodation for your needs regarding roommates, location and equipment.

What does it cost to apply?
After a binding registration a prepayment of 100 USD or 75 € has to be made. The remaining costs are incurred only after a successful placement. In case a successful placement could not be possible, you will get your prepayment back, of course.


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