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Info | Links about Chile

In the following you will find interesting links about Chile.

Embassies & Government

Embassy of Chile in USA
Embassy of USA in Chile

Embassy of Chile
in Canada
Embassy of Canada in Chile


Embassy of Chile in Australia
Embassy of Australia in Chile

Great Britain
Embassy of Chile in Great Britain
Embassy of Great Britain in Chile

Embassy of Chile in Germany
Consulates of Chile in Germany
Embassy of Germany in Chile

Embassy of Chile in Switzerland
Embassy of Switzerland in Chile

Embassy of Austria in Chile

Government of Chile

Politics & Economics

Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Santiago Times  -  weekly newspaper from Santiago in English

El Mercurio  -  one of the biggest Chilean newspaper (registration required)

El Mercurio de Santiago  -  Chilean daily newspaper of Mercurio for Santiago

Cóndor  -  German-Chilean weekly newspaper


This is Chile  -  Chile's official website

Sernatur  - official website of the Chilean tourism agency

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