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The Middle

Vineyards, fantastic ski resorts, beautiful pacific beaches and the peaks of the Andes always in the background - all of this is concentrated in the fertile central zone of Chile.

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View over Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile
Statue of the Virgin on Cerro San Cristóbal
Shoe shiners in Santiago
Military in Santiago
View from Cerro San Cristóbal
Views over the city
Ski resort
Ski resort in the Andes
On the beach of Reñaca
On the beach of Viña del Mar
Beach in Viña del Mar
Beach in Quintay
Sunset in Quintay
Coastal town Quintay
Beach of Quintay
The port of Valparaíso
The port of Valparaíso
Cajón del Maipu
Cajón del Maipu
Rafting in the Cajón del Maipu
Winery Concha y Toro
Wine cellar of Concha y Torro
Old wine cellar
Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda

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