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Chile Travel

A short video about the incredible diversity of Chile.  (Duration 0:37 min - video)

CHILE - In Close Contact

The video of the Chilean Foreign Ministry shows the impressions of people from around the world about their visit and their life in Chile.  (Duration 9:16 min - video)

Chilean Waves - Surfing in Chile

The Pacific coast of Chile has some of the best surf spots in the world. The Chilean waves are the most popular in Latin America.  (Duration 4:30 min - video)

Chile Travel - Chile from North to South

A video showing the diversity of the whole of Chile from the Atacama desert to the glaciers in Patagonia. (Duration 3:10 min - video)

Welcome to CHILE - Bienvenido a CHILE

A picture tells more than a thousand words - a slide show about the fascinating variety of landscapes which Chile has to offer.  (Duration 7:56 min - slide show)

Rivers and volcanoes in Chile

People from all over the world tell of their experiences of volcanoes and nature in Chile.  (Duration 4:41 min - video)

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YouTube channel of ChileVentura

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