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ChileVentura | About Us

ChileVentura was founded by two German engineers who are fascinated by Chile. The idea was created by one of the founders during an extended work stay in Chile in 2007.

ChileVentura - The expert for Chile!

We are a company that is dedicated to promoting the cultural exchange between foreign countries and Chile. Politically and religiously, we are completely neutral and independent. With our placement service we want to support the interest and understanding of the Latin American culture and develop the dialogue between young people from around the world and multicultural companies.

ChileVentura is specialized in the arrangement of individual and tailor-made travel services in South America. Our placement service consists of the arrangement of internships, summer jobs, work and travel programs, volunteer work, language courses, accommodation and insider travel tours to Chile. It is aimed primarily at graduates, students or trainees and young professionals from English-speaking countries as well as companies based in Chile or companies that have an economic interest in Chile. Of course, all other people interested in Chile are welcome and will find in us a competent partner.

Due to the individuality of the offers and the composition of the services requested by our clients, we act solely as an intermediary of the services and the related contracts with selected and qualified local providers. ChileVentura is therefore not a package tour operator with offers "off the shelf".
We attach great importance to the individuality, flexibility and transparency of our offers. When you book with us, you receive the contact details of each mediated local provider. Moreover, the prices of your individual travel services (e.g. accommodation, language course or internship) are broken down in detail, so we offer special price transparency. There are no package prices or hidden costs.

Our motivation. Our goal

We are a young team, and through longer stays and numerous trips, we have been infected by the "South America-bug", but especially the "Chile-bug."

Our motivation is the enthusiasm and fascination for the "narrow country". We are convinced that with our agency we can make a positive contribution to the cultural exchange between Chile and the English-speaking world.

Our goal is to present to you, to all South America fans and to all people who are interested in Chile, the country and its people in a manner that goes beyond the ordinary. We offer a way to experience the culture and the people of Chile first hand from a different angle than the normal tourist. We would like to share with you our enthusiasm for Chile. Another goal is to promote the economic integration between Chile and the English-speaking countries.
Our ultimate goal however is to satisfy our customers ie, your satisfaction. To achieve this, we always focus on our principles of fairness, transparency and sustainability - in everything we are doing.

Our aim is therefore to be more fair, more sustainable and better than others!

What makes us better than others...

  • The make-up of our agency and our agency concept is special. We are specialized in Chile. Thus we are able to provide all placement services at very fair prices. If you unexpectedly find a cheaper offer with comparable services, please just tell us.
  • Many agencies just pass you on to another agency. That means the agency in your country will only forward your details to a partner agency in Chile without you knowing anything about it. This partner agency then organizes your entire stay. Consequently you have to pay and "finance" the agency in your home country as well as the foreign-based partner agency. With ChileVentura you will never have to pay two agencies!
  • We enable you to pay your rent directly to your landlord, thereby making prices clear with no hidden costs.
  • We place great emphasis on personal care. There is no mass processing with us.
  • Our programs are highly flexible and can be combined according to your personal requirements.
  • We are a member of the Chilean Chamber of Commerce and have a very large network in Chile.
  • We specialize in Chile and know this country very well.
  • You can always get in touch with us. We will take care of your concerns instantly.
  • We are a young, highly motivated team. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

We promise to make every effort to let your stay in Chile become a unique and unforgettable experience!