Work in different hostels and travel through Chile

18 October 2020

By: MH

Hostel in Chile

Hostel in Chile


Would you like to see as much as possible of Chile and at the same time have a part-time job in order to minimize your costs?

Then we have just the thing for you. You can work in different hostels in Chile and thus get to know within a few months Santiago, the modern metropolis of Chile, Pichilemu, the best spot for surfers in South America directly at the Pacific coast and Pucón, the adventure and outdoor center of Chile.

Immerse yourself in the lively city of Santiago, experience the relaxed atmosphere of Pichilemu, a small seaside resort with great waves and hot parties on the beach during peak season. Climb a volcano in Pucón, go for rafting , mountain biking or just get some sun on the black-sand volcanic beaches of Lake Villarrica.

For your work in the hostels you will be provided with free accommodation directly in the hostel. Your responsibilities are in areas like reception, bar, breakfast service, events etc. In addition, mostly you will get some pocket money or food . You can use the kitchen of the hostel at anytime. The working hours are flexible (approx. 30 h). So you do have enough free time to explore the surroundings of the places you stay.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and sign up today (registration) or just contact us for a non-binding inquiry (contact form).

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