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In the language of the Aymara Indians Chile has the meaning "when the world ends." The very shape of this country is exceptional, with a length of approximately 4300 km and an average width of 180 km. Accordingly, the small country has beautiful and diverse landscapes to offer. There is probably no other country that combines so many climate zones like Chile. From eternal ice, shimmering blue glaciers, hot springs and snow-capped volcanoes to rainforests, the driest desert on Earth, grasslands, endless sandy beaches and mountains - you will find everything. Also, there is probably no place in the world (and if it existed, please share it with us) where in the morning you go skiing in the Andes and in the afternoon you relax on the beaches of the Pacific coast.

For whom this breathtaking scenery of Chile is not enough, one will appreciate the cultural diversity. The modern metropolis of Santiago de Chile, with nearly 6 million inhabitants, sophisticated beach resorts such as Viña del Mar with palm-fringed sandy beaches and the picturesque port of Valparaíso are in contrast with remote valleys and villages inland.

Economically, Chile is one of the leading nations of South America. The inflation rate is constant between 2 and 4 percent. Chile is a member of the UN, World Bank, APEC and many other organizations. Many renowned international companies are represented in Santiago de Chile. In South America, Chile is by far the safest country to visit. Thus, for example Santiago, the capital of Chile is no more dangerous than any large American city.

And now to the heart of Chile - its people. Family and friends have great value in the Chilean society and form the backbone, so to speak. The Chileans have an open, receptive, but
discreet character, so you will easily get to know their kind hospitality. After some pleasant small-talk on the bus, at the vegetable stand or at the kiosk on the road, it is not a surprise to be invited quite spontaneously to a barbecue. The way the Chileans manage their life and enjoy it, even without the traditional status symbols for Americans or Europeans, is simply admirable. The cheerfulness of the people will capture you and make you see the world through different eyes.

Let Chile surprise and fascinate you!

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