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Accommodation | Rental rates and Services of the accommodation providers

Rental rates


Type of accommodation

Host family / Shared flat /
Student house / Hostel
Apartment /
  Hotel   Holiday house
Service charges per month
- 35 - 50 USD - -
Maintenance charges per month
- 30 - 110 USD - -

Rent per month
and person

280 - 450 USD 350 - 750 USD from 1250 USD from 1300 USD
(for the whole house)

The rental rates are highly dependent on location, transport accessibility and facilities.
Service charges: for gas, electricity and water per person.
Maintenance charges: for the cleaning, security and maintenance of community facilities of the building

What is included in the rent usually?

Furnished single room in a host family, shared flat, a student house or Hostel:

  • Shared use of common areas, such as kitchen, living room, garden, terrace etc.
  • Private or shared bathroom
  • Use of washing machine or laundry in most accommodation
  • Use of internet access
  • Preparing meals for an extra charge by the landlord
  • Service and maintenance charges

Furnished apartments and flats:

  • Use of fully equipped apartment
  • Use of common areas of the building such as pool, gym, etc. (where available)
  • Service and maintenance charges in most cases


  • Use of common areas, such as sauna, pool, etc. (where available)
  • Private bathroom
  • Additional services depending on the price category of the hotel
  • Service and maintenance charges

Holiday houses:

  • Use of a fully equipped holiday house
  • Service and maintenance charges in most accommodation

How does the payment of the rent work?

The rent is paid directly to the landlord. Thus we assure you that we collect no additional fees except the placement fee. The rent is always paid at the beginning of each new month from the date of your arrival.