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You always have the choice between single, double or shared rooms.

Breakfast with a Chilean host family

Host family
In a host family you will have the opportunity to experience the Chilean culture firsthand and expand your language skills. Common areas such as living and dining room, kitchen and terrace are at your disposal. Most families provide a choice of full board, half board or bed & breakfast.

Student house in Santiago

Shared flat or Student house
In a shared flat or a student house you share an apartment with kitchen and bathroom. You have your own furnished room, or you will share a room. You will be responsible for your own food. Young professionals and students often live in shared flats.

Hostel in Valparaíso

Hostel or Guesthouse
In Chile there are plenty of hostels. We have chosen the best for you. You have a private, furnished room and usually the ability to choose between full board, half board or bed & breakfast. In a hostel you will meet many young people from all over the world.

Lodging in a tree house

Hotel, Apartment or Holiday house
On request we can also organize a hotel room, an apartment or a holiday house.

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