Chile continues to be an attractive travel destination for young people

20 January 2015

By: MH

The north of Chile

The north of Chile

Last year was a good and successful year for ChileVentura. Once more, more participants could be obtained for the individual travel programs to Chile and thus the cross-cultural exchange between Chile and other foreign countries could be strengthened further.
This trend is supported by the increase in economic importance of South America and the growing popularity of the Spanish language as a subject in schools.

"We are very pleased that the interest in South America and in particular in Chile is very high among young people and still continues to grow," said Manuel Hildenbrand, founder of ChileVentura.

ChileVentura offers personalized stays in Chile for young people and students. Volunteer work, work & travel programs or internships can be organized as well as preparatory Spanish courses in Chile, Peru or Argentina.

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