ChileVentura and ECOS are collaborating now

08 April 2018

By: MH

All customers of ChileVentura receive a discount of 20% for the journals of ECOS. ECOS presents the Spanish language every month in a unique way.



ECOS - the world in Spanish

ECOS presents the Spanish language to you in a unique way. Each month, the many facets of the Spanish-speaking culture are presented. Through a perfect mix of language training and exciting insights into the country and culture, the Spanish language is taught in a fascinating way.

Immersion in the Spanish-speaking culture through exclusive background reports, exciting interviews and insider tips. Various language exercises create more sovereignty in the Spanish language.

Your benefits:

• 20% discount for customers of ChileVentura

• Experience the magic of 21 Spanish-speaking countries

• Better understanding of the whole culture


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