ChileVentura on the ICEF Berlin Workshop

10 November 2013

By: MH

ICEF Berlin

ICEF Berlin

The ICEF Berlin Workshop grew in size for the eighth consecutive year in 2013. The event welcomed over 2000 participants for the first time at any ICEF event. This growth proved once again that the ICEF Berlin Workshop is the largest and most comprehensive international education-focussed networking event of its kind anywhere in the world.

In total, 931 education agents travelled to Berlin for three days of targeted meetings, seminars and networking with 835 international educators, 177 exhibitors, and 24 work and travel organisations. Overall, 2041 participants from 96 countries came together for 23,523 pre-scheduled meetings – this was an unprecedented 10% growth in meetings held from the 2011 workshop.

The event once again provided participants with the best and most effective opportunity to network across a broad range of industry professionals. Along with business meetings and informative industry presentations, event attendees were able to benefit from numerous social networking opportunities.

The ICEF Berlin Workshop has proven to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to meet a large number of top international education professionals face-to-face and under one roof – it is the must-attend event on every education professional’s calendar.

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