ChileVentura receives the ICEF quality assurance label

15 January 2014

By: MH

ICEF quality label for ChileVentura

ICEF quality label for ChileVentura

ChileVentura is entitled now to identify as an ICEF Agency and to use the official logo in its marketing communications. ICEF’s industry-leading quality assurance processes are increasingly recognised worldwide as an important qualification for agencies who have been successfully vetted for, and participated in, ICEF Workshops. In 2010, ICEF launched a formal recognition programme, acknowledging agents who have met ICEF's strict standard of quality. Agencies who have received ICEF Agency recognition are evaluated every two years to ensure ongoing compliance with ICEF’s standards. Agencies that attend one or more ICEF Workshops in a given year, and as a result have successfully completed a quality assurance screen during that year, automatically qualify for the recognition programme.

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