ChileVentura supports SaveSociety in the fight against discrimination

26 July 2015

By: MH

"The most dangerous of all philosophies is that of people who have never looked at the world." (Alexander Freiherr von Humboldt)

Logo of SaveSociety

ChileVentura becomes an advocate of SaveSociety and supports the association in the fight against discrimination.

We are convinced that, through longer stays abroad, we can learn new languages, understand foreign cultures and can do away with many prejudices. In particular young people can very significantly broaden their horizons, build tolerance and reduce discrimination. Limits and fears of contact can only be broken if we just exceed these limits, if we give these fears actively counter.

The language plays a central role and builds bridges. Out of this conviction and our self-image as a world citizen, ChileVentura committed to the promotion of intercultural exchange. "Together with SaveSociety we want to continue to ensure that the dialogue and understanding between people around the world takes place not only in the mind, but also actively face to face," said Manuel Hildenbrand, owner of ChileVentura.

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