LingoVentura - the new platform for language travel trips is online!

12 July 2016

By: MH

ChileVentura launches a new platform for language travel trips, called LingoVentura.


ChileVentura has grown and launched its second brand LingoVentura.

LingoVentura is a new and fresh portal for language travel trips. On the website of LingoVentura you can configure, assemble and book your individual language travel trip in a very simple manner. "This kind of user experience is completely new to the language travel market and finally closes the gap between the technologically less advanced language travel market and the holiday package market," says Manuel Hildenbrand, founder of LingoVentura.

"Our goal is to make the booking of language courses as simple as booking a hotel on", he adds.

Just have a look at the new website and give us your feedback. What should definitely be improved?

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