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Population approx. 215.000
Location about 1850 km north of Santiago, just off the Pacific coast, about 315 km south of Arica and 1560 km south of Lima, Peru   Map
Founding of the city in the 16th century
Attractions You should visit the beach promenade and the magnificent buildings of the Salpeter time. Other destinations in the surrounding area are the town of San Pedro de Atacama and the Salt Lakes.
Nightlife South America's largest free trade zone with many shops, casinos, clubs and a vibrant nightlife
Fun lots of sunshine, long sandy beaches, paradise for sand boarders, surfers and paragliders
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Iquique is an illustrious resort and sea port on the edge of the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert. In the largest free trade zone in South America you'll find beautiful, long sandy beaches, a tax-free shopping center, adventure sports, warm and rain-free weather as well as remarkable cultural attractions.

The center is reminiscent of Miami Beach, but there are also poor neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city. There are about ten flights a day to the capital Santiago de Chile. Santiago can also be reached comfortably by bus, like almost any other location in Chile.

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