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Population approx. 14.000
Location about 250 km south of Valparaiso on the Pacific Coast   Map
Founding of the city On the 22nd of December 1891 the town Pichilemu was founded by decree of President Jorge Montt Álvarez.
Attractions The beach sections Infiernillo Beach, La Puntilla and Punta de Lobos. The old casino, the Estación de Ferrocarriles, trips into the back country (Ruta de la Sal, Ruta San Andres). Magnificent lagoons ideal for hiking and picnics.
Nightlife Extravagant parties by the small but very lively scene of windsurfers and kitesurfers, especially in the summer time
Fun International audience, casual atmosphere (buena onda), surfing and beach
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Pichilemu is the unofficial capital of the small but very lively scene of windsurfers and surfers in South America. The small seaside resort 250 km south of Valparaíso attracts beginners as well as professionals with great waves and hot parties. Every year many European and American surfers visit the city's beaches.

In the city and surrounding area small woods and beautiful parklands are located, such as the Municipal Park Agustín Ross Edwards, which is a national monument since 1988. Wonderful lagoons in the surrounding areas are ideal for hiking and picnics.

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