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Population approx. 6.2 million
Location 522 m above sea level, about 100 km east of the Pacific coast in the middle of Chile   Map
Founding of the city 12th February 1541 by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Valdivia
Attractions The hills Cerro San Cristóbal and Cerro Santa Lucía, the Presidential Palace Palacio de la Moneda, the Plaza de Armas and the Mercado Central are a must. In particular, the bar district Bella Vista, the modern district Providencia and the wealthy neighborhood Las Condes invite you to explore.
Nightlife Santiago offers an exciting nightlife. The best days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The districts Bellavista, Providencia and Nuñoa especially are quite busy.
Fun Like any metropolis Santiago offers lot of variety in every aspect. The city is very clean and safe. The proximity to the Andes and the Pacific (approx. 1 h) increases the recreational value immensely.
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Santiago, the capital of Chile with nearly 6 million inhabitants, is the heart of the nation and one of the most important financial centers in Latin America. The city has many faces, culturally and architecturally. Traditional neighborhoods, neat mansions and colonial buildings compete with modern office complexes, bold skyscrapers and a modern subway system. You can find modern shopping centers, but also small noisy street markets with Indian craftsmanship.

Only one hour from Santiago you will find numerous outdoor activities such as climbing, rafting, bathing in hot springs or trips to various ski resorts (June-September). Also, the Pacific Coast is only an hour away. In summer (December-February) many Santiaginos take advantage of the proximity of nature in order to escape the noise of the city for a weekend and go to the mountains or the beaches.

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