Santiago de Chile | Language School

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Location Central location in a calm side street
Number of students 45-90
Equipment Free internet access, WiFi, 6 computer workstations, library, terrace, table tennis, lounges
Course types Group, private, intensive courses, special courses   read more
Accommodation types Host family, flat share, apartment   read more
Activities Rafting, trekking, beach, skiing, soccer, horseback riding, dance classes and much more   read more
Pictures Picture gallery of our language school in Santiago de Chile

The school is situated in a calm side street in a chic business district of Santiago. The neighborhood is clean and safe at any time of day. The district is known for its tree-lined streets, stylish shops, parks and many outdoor cafes.

The school building is a beautiful mansion in Spanish design, whose rooms were converted into classrooms. It offers plenty of space. The school also offers many activities outside of the language courses. Therefore, you will definitely never get bored and it's very easy to find friends and like-minded people.

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