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Comparison of cities:  Santiago de Chile  |  Viña del Mar  |  Pucón  |  Pichilemu  |  Iquique  |  Puerto Varas

Population about 300 000 without Viña del Mar, about 590 000 with Viña del Mar
Location directly on the Pacific coast in the middle of Chile, 120 km northwest of Santiago (1.5 hours by bus), 9 km south of Viña del Mar   Map
Founding of the city 1544 by Juan Bautista Pastene
Attractions Especially interesting are the old funicular Ascensor Artillería, the view from the place 21 de Mayo and the harbor area Muelle Prat with Plaza Sotomayor. Furthermore, you should see the colorful facades and wall paintings on the stairs of the district Cerro Bellavista. This district is also the home of Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda. Worth seeing attractions in the close environment are Viña del Mar, Reñaca, the beach house of Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra and the sleepy coastal town Quintay.
Particularly noteworthy and unique are the fireworks at New Year. Hundreds of thousands flock to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso to admire the spectacular fireworks.
Nightlife Valparaíso offers a colorful and lively nightlife. You can enjoy it in one of the numerous rustic bars, salsa clubs and discos.
Fun Valparaiso stands out with its originality and its unique cityscape. You can easily reach the beach in Viña del Mar or Reñaca by public bus.
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The port city of Valparaiso with its sharp flair, offers a unique and picturesque townscape. More than three dozen hills - up to 400m high - called "cerros", line the main port of Chile. Old inclined elevators (ascensores) and numerous, winding stairs lead up to the "cerros". The lively trade with Europe during the 19th century washed a lot of colorful people into the city and formed its cityscape. The port city, which was the seat of the Chilean Congress in 1990, was appointed to World Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO.

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