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Population about 290 000 without Valparaíso, about 590 000 with Valparaíso
Location directly on the Pacific coast in the middle of Chile, about 120 km northwest of Santiago (1.5 hours by bus), 9 km north of Valparaiso, 7 km south of Reñaca   Map
Founding of the city 29th December 1874 by José Francisco Vergara Echevers
Attractions The flower clock, the ancient castles, the casino, the palm-lined beach promenade, the Quinta Vergara Park, the Botanical Garden and the International Song Festival (February) on an outdoor stage in the Quinta Vergara park should not be missed. Interesting destinations in the surrounding area are the picturesque port city of Valparaíso, the beach town Reñaca, the beach house of Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra or the sleepy coastal town Quintay. Particularly noteworthy and unique are the fireworks at New Year. Hundreds of thousands flock to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso to admire the spectacular fireworks.
Nightlife Viña del Mar has an exclusive and exciting nightlife. In the summer season especially (December - February) the city explodes. The center, around the casino, is very lively throughout the week. There are countless bars, restaurants, nightclubs and a large theater and modern cinema. The clubs are some of the best in South America.
Fun At noon you can bathe or surf on the Pacific coast of Viña del Mar or the neighboring town Reñaca, which is primarily a meeting place for young people. In the evening you can plunge into nightlife. 45% of residents are 30 years or younger!
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Lively beaches, shady parks and numerous palaces dating from the founding period give Viña del Mar a very special flair. The city was once a popular health resort and is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in South America. Numerous parks and green spaces awarded Viña del Mar the name "The Garden City". You can stroll along the extensive beach promenade or simply enjoy the view of the sea.

Also culturally the city has a lot to offer. Every February the international song festival takes place with international stars such as Ricci Martin, Bryan Adams or Daddy Yankee. During this time most of the prominence of South America is gathered in Viña del Mar. Other big events are the international ATP tennis tournament or the horse race with over 100 years of tradition. The theater in Viña del Mar offers monthly activities and special performances for theater lovers.

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