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Volunteer work  >>  Why volunteer in Chile?

Volunteer work | Why volunteer in Chile?

  • Expansion of your social skills
  • Immersion in a fascinating new culture
  • Making new friends for life
  • Personal development
  • Learning the second most important language in the world
  • Bringing new hope to needy people

Most volunteer projects are there to help needy people in Chile, to show them new perspectives and to return hope to them. With your commitment you can take responsibility and make an active contribution to these projects. You have the opportunity to help other people and give them back a smile.

But also you yourself will benefit from such an activity. While volunteering in Chile, you will gain immeasurable experiences. You will make new friends and very probably see the world from a different perspective. You will get to know the open-minded nature of the Chileans as well as their easygoing way of coping with life.

Along the way you will improve your knowledge of Spanish of course. Spanish is now the second most important language in the world and with the growing economic ties between the industrialized countries and South American countries, it is constantly gaining in importance. So knowing Spanish is especially valuable, not least in respect of your professional career.

During your stay in Chile, ChileVentura will support you in every way, whether in the selection of leisure activities, travel planning or looking for accommodation. We actively advise you and are there for questions and problems of any kind, to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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