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Rafting in the Cajón del Maipo

Do you just want to get away from your daily routine and take a little break? Then a holiday job is just the thing. You will get to know country and people from a different side.

We arrange summer jobs and holiday work throughout Chile in your desired area. Accommodation and meals are usually free. Sometimes you even get a little pocket money.

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Chile - probably the most versatile country of our planet!

As the creator regards his world, built in seven days, he discovered remaining leftovers everywhere: pieces of jungle, desert spots, waterfalls, copper mountains, volcanoes, fjords, hot springs and glaciers. At his command, the angels poured all of this onto a narrow, long strip of land between sky-high mountains and the endless ocean. According to an ancient legend Chile emerged like this. The most diverse country on our planet offers you countless opportunities for an exciting working holiday, for a summer job and for traveling. Other reasons for working and traveling in Chile, can be found here:  Reason for Work & Travel in Chile


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